Sunday, August 10, 2014

Featured Artist of the Week: Melissa Pedersen

If I define the work of Melissa Pedersen, would use two words: professionalism and beauty
I'm really impressed with her work.
Melissa Pedersen is a Canadian jewellery artist from Calgary Alberta and the owner, designer and maker of Lively Leaf Design, she makes handmade earrings and pendants using rubber inner tube.

She has a strong direction for her art and business and has a real passion for her work.
 Melissa Pedersen designs and creates each piece of her jewellery by hand, she finds true inspiration in the garden and especially after spring when she fills her sketchbooks with designs of beautiful elements of nature flourish.
This influence about nature and garden comes from her mother and is really inspirational, the act of observing nature can only come from a supreme sensitivity and total harmony with the world.
These words are from Melissa: -"It is in the garden that I find my inspiration, especially in the spring. The sprout, budding leaf, and seed pod are symbols I use deliberately in my practice. These elements of new life represent for me perseverance, potential and hope. I realize life has many winter seasons, but it is also full of cycles. When a spring season enters my life I choose to treasure it, and use it as a reminder for the future. By capturing different elements of nature and using them in my handmade jewellery I am able to preserve what may only be here for a fleeting moment."

She works with a variety of materials, like silver, gold, gemstones and pearls but her new adventure is Lively Leaf Designs, where she use bicycle tire inner tube and make unique statement jewellery using this material, that Melissa defines as durable, tactile, lighweight and safe to work with. Each piece is hand cut and hand assembled using stainless steel wire and chain to became gorgeous pieces of art.
Melissa has graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) in 2009. She has won numerous awards. Her artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. She started her handmade jewellery bussiness and work at her home studio in Canada, where she lives with her family.

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